Healthy and happy animals are in their natural state, and when illness or events occur which shifts that natural state to one of unhealthiness, depression or anxiety, then an animal needs help in re-establishing a sense of balance again so that health and happiness can be achieved. Animal Bowen Therapy helps to do this, and is specialised form of  Bowen Therapy designed solely for animals (both large and small).

Our resident Bowen Therapist, Eleni, has had additional training in treating animals with Bowen Therapy, and has a long-list of animal clients – her most recent two were a dog with muscular stress in desperate need of relief, and a cat with a mild form of anxiety after being in a fight with a neighbourhood cat.

This treatment is recommended for:

–  Animals experiencing muscular discomfort or pain.

– Animals with poor joint mobilisation.

– Animals needing a little extra-assistance in recovering from injury or illness.

– Animals suffering from anxiety, including separation anxiety and fear of leaving the family home.

– Animals that have emotional problems, especially stemming from traumatic events such as abuse.

– Animals exhibiting anti-social tendencies, such as fighting with other animals or destroying household items.

Price Guide:

$99 for 45 minutes: Small domestic animals, such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, mice and other family pets.
$120 for 45 minutes: Larger domestic animals, such as horses.

Please note: a call-out fee may apply.

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