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Imagine that you and your family are happy, healthy and living life to the full. What would that look like? How would you be feeling? Who would you be attracting into your world? When would you like this to be your reality? I’m guessing that would be right now. Oftentimes our precious hold on being healthy is far removed from us. What can give you the upper hand to have what you want? There are tools that can assist you to have a healthier life and body. Will you use them?

Universally, our human bodies manifest dis-ease, discomfort and pain exactly the same way, whether we live in Australia or Russia, or have a University Degree or no education, or are wealthy or poor, or we have light skin or dark skin, or we are a child or an adult. On an energetic metaphysical level, it’s all the same.

What I’m about to share with you is something rather unique. I’ve not come across this information anywhere else. It was not given to me or shared with me by anyone. It is something I’ve always known since soon after I started doing healing work, nearly 15years ago. It was like I was downloaded with this knowing from the Universal Library. I work with this information every time I’m doing a healing session, and it is extremely helpful in getting to the cause of a problem quickly.

Today I’d like to bring attention to the left and right sides of your body. They factor very differently when it comes to emotions, thought patterns and dis-ease states within the body. Being left-handed or right-handed makes no difference. On a purely physical level, we have aspects of both masculine and feminine qualities, characteristics, hormones, personality traits, mindset, and abilities within us. Energetically, we also have these qualities. Balance of both the masculine and feminine is what is needed to maintain good health in all aspects of our lives.

The left side of the body is often regarded as the feminine side, the receiving side, where you take life in. It represents, among other things, the mother. The right side of the body is often regarded as the masculine side, the giving-out side, where you express yourself. It represents, among other things, the father. When we continually have problems with one particular side of the body, it can mean there are issues with the parent represented by the same side, of problems that have not been settled.

Life problems that manifest dis-ease, discomfort or pain in the different sides of the body, in response to unresolved issues is the main topic to this article. The more you understand and flow with this valuable tool, the better your relationships and health will be.

Mostly, the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, skin and nerves are the areas affected here. The internal organs of the body, on one side of the body or the other, have an association with other life issues. This includes the blood and lymph systems. However, these organs and body systems can heavily impact one side or the other, affecting your body and your life drastically.

Participating in our own healing

Regularly we will ignore pain or discomfort in our body, and our body will kindly give us pain somewhere else to bring to our attention that something in our life needs to be addressed. The more we ignore the pain, the greater it becomes until we are unable to ignore it any longer. All we want is the pain to go away. We will numb it, suppress it, cut it out, medicate it or pretend it doesn’t exist with many distractions. The hardest thing to do is be still and give it the attention it’s craving for. This means listening to your body and working out the life issues that are present in your life. Working on ourselves and resolving our issues with others (remember we have the problem, not them), is a difficult challenge for most people.

Often, the other person has no idea of the pain and suffering that you are undergoing because of your thoughts towards them, or what you think they are doing to you. Be humble and see where you are not being loving to the other person. This is the first step in the forgiveness process. When you forgive, you let go of the angst and hurt feelings you have toward another.

You may think that this wouldn’t apply to children, yet it does as they are little sponges and take on board all our troubles. If your child is having problems in their body, use this guide to help you to let go of the issues in your life. Often, your children’s problems will then resolve quickly.

This guide will help you to decide where the issue will be coming from. (Another article will address specific areas and associated issues and how to deal with them)

Right Side

Right side is about relationships, family, and how you feel about yourself. Pain or dis-ease in any area on the right side of your body will be associated with one of these areas of your life.
An example of this is your right shoulder. I call this your “control shoulder” because everything and everyone that you try and control outside of yourself will show up in this shoulder. Sound familiar?

Another example is pain in the right lower back area means a lack of support from your family or you are not giving yourself the support you need. Now this could also be a lack of support from female family members. It will still show up on the right side, even though this is the side that has the more masculine traits and where issues with men generally show up on this side. It’s about this being the side that family issues generally show up.

Left Side

Left side is to do with issues related to work, finances and study. When you have any of these issues plaguing your every waking thought, pain, dis-ease or discomfort will manifest on this side of the body.
An example of this is pain in your left hamstring will be evidence of you holding yourself back at work or with your study, thus “hamstringing your efforts to get ahead.”

Problems with reduced hearing in your left ear will generally mean that you are not listening to a situation involved with your work, finances or study.

Intuitive Healing Work – Is it for you?

Doing intuitive healing work means that nothing is hidden. If there is something that you are holding back on, or you are being incomplete in your answers to questions that are asked of you, or being outright untruthful, your body will show it up in a way that it is physically able to be detected by me, and I will immediately bring attention to the matter for it to be addressed. If things are not uncovered in one session, eventually they will be. Remember, these things are what your body is wanting to reveal and have unburdened. I’m not privy to all your secrets and I don’t want to be. You decide what is to be uncovered.

I am only the facilitator of your healing journey.

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