What is a healthy body?

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There are many factors to having a healthy body. What are some of the ways you can think of that would denote a healthy body?

Some things that I think about when I ask myself that question are:
• my body gets me from place to place with ease and grace
• my body moves freely without pain
• it digests the food I eat and eliminates it easily after extracting the nutrients
• I am flexible in my movements
• the skin on my body is soft and blemish-free
• the cells in my body renew themselves without my having to ask them
• my body keeps the correct temperature for the climate I’m in
• the heart in my chest beats in a harmonic rhythm, the blood in my veins and arteries is pumped effortlessly around my body
• my eyes see what they need to see
• I hear with clarity the birds singing sweetly each morning
• I smell the yummy food aromas, I taste with delight fresh fruits and veges; and
• I touch with gentleness and love.

I love being healthy. Do you?
What makes YOU healthy?

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