Body Assessment & Postural Alignment is a specialised therapy that works with problems in the muscular-skeletal system. If you have the feeling of being off-balance (for example, leaning to one side more than another, or feeling “twisted”) so that your body is unable to move in a free-flowing manner, then a body assessment and postural alignment session will be of enormous benefit to you and your healing process.

Good body stability and balance is essential if we are to move freely, and to defend against the possibility of injury. It is also essential in preventing the development of poor body condition, such as sloping or hunched shoulders, due to lifestyle habits.

First appointment (90 mins) $120 – Standard appointment (60 mins) – $90 

This treatment is recommended for:

– those that feel they are leaning to one side of their body.

– those that have hunched shoulders due to poor posture.

-those wanting a balanced body.

– those seeking re-alignment to improve posture.

– those that have had injuries or accidents that have resulted in the body not being centred or balanced, and are seeking help in their recovery.

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