Bowen Massage incorporates the practises and techniques of Bowen Therapy and applies it as a purely relaxing and therapeutic massage experience. Using aromatherapy essential oils combined in a silky cream, Bowen Massage uses gentle bowen therapy and remedial massage strokes combined to assist your body let go of the tight sports to increase the massage experience.

First appointment (90 mins) – $120 – Standard appointment (60 mins) – $90 – Double appointment (120 mins) – $150


This massage is recommended for:

– those wanting both the benefits of Bowen Therapy and massage in a harmonised balance.

– those experiencing tenderness and aches in their muscles and joints.

– those wanting to improve circulation throughout the body.

– those wanting help in eliminating waste and toxins from the body.

– those with poor joint mobility.

– those with chronic muscular-skeletal issues.

– those needing postural and cellular integration and realignment.

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