Bowen Therapy is a holistic remedial technique that targets the fascia of the body, as well as the muscular-skeletal and nerve systems, by using selectively placed cross-fibre muscle-fibre moves to stimulate the fascia found between the muscles and skin. This helps the body’s natural healing response to achieve a state of balance again.

Results are very promising with Bowen Therapy, with most OASIS clients experiencing changes in the body, emotion and mind states during, or immediately after, their first treatment. Depending on the level of work involved in returning your body to health and wellness, follow-up treatments will be recommended by your therapist. This treatment also includes a Body Assessment & Postural Re-Alignment.

Initial Consultation (90mins) $120 / Follow-up Sessions (60mins) $90

This treatment is recommended for:

– those seeking a gentle, yet powerful, remedial technique to release tension, stress and aches in the body.

– those wanting to improve circulation throughout the body.

– those wanting help in eliminating waste and toxins from the body.

– those with poor joint mobility.

– those with chronic muscular-skeletal issues.

– those wanting to improve their posture.

– those with sexual health issues.

– those suffering from chronic headaches.

– those needing postural and cellular integration and realignment.

Everyone – with Bowen Therapy there are no conditions or factors that would serve as a reason to withhold treatment, this includes clients in the early stages of pregnancy or diagnosed with cancer.

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