Energetic & Emotional Healing covers a wide spectrum of energy healing techniques specifically targeting emotional health. Oasis focuses on specific energetic treatments which work to uncover underlying emotional issues related to specific problems or ailments, and then to provide a supportive environment for the client to process these emotional issues so that these emotions can be released in safe manner.

Emotional trauma (usually from childhood) remains in our physical and subtle bodies, causing disruption in the energy fields that are within and around the body. Usually these disruptions cause us to make poor life choices, or negatively affect our perception of ourselves, others and events – over longer periods of time, these energetic disruption can manifest into physical ailments. When we learn to keep the energetic systems and the emotions – be promote balance, clarity, health and wellness!

60 minutes – $120

This treatment is recommended for:

– those experiencing reoccurring problems in their life and health, despite their best efforts to remedy them e.g. not being able to commit to a relationship or unexplained feelings of guilt

– those wanting to uncover the root emotional causes for life and health issues.

– those with emotional trauma that needs re-framing and/or clearing.

– those that have medically unexplained emotional outbursts, or inappropriate emotional responses.

– those wanting to get in touch with their emotions and learn the art of emotional self-healing.

– those seeking an overall holistic healing experience.

Disclaimer: Oasis practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions.

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