Vitalizing Lemongrass

 In Essential Oils

On the physical level, Lemongrass oil stimulates adrenalin flow, therefore it makes you feel more active again when tired.  When overtired, but can’t sleep, Lemongrass will keep you awake and active enough to build up physical exhaustion, which allows you to fall asleep easily.  When used in the morning, it makes you physically active the whole day and works with the natural cycle, but at night it acts as an artificial stimulant.

Boost your energy

When used regularly, once a week, it enhances the level of stamina and physical endurance and helps you to be more physically active. It stimulates blood circulation and the absorption and distribution of oxygen throughout the body.  Best point for boosting stamina is the ankle point (next to the inner ankle bone).  It needs to be diluted or the spot prepared with a bit of base oil such as coconut or almond oil.

Feel enthusiastic

On the emotional level, it helps deal with immobilizing fear which stops us from being active and expressive in life. This Essential Oil increases vitality and makes you look at life more enthusiastically as a challenge.

A positive, dynamic outlook and freedom from fear enables us to dig deeper into our inner reality, otherwise we are locked in a material impasse and we are cut off from our source of peace and power.  So Lemongrass can help us bridge the gap between this two-fold reality and make us discover our spiritual resources.  For this reason it is often included in meditation formulas.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS:  It is contra-indicated in cases of kidney or bladder infection or inflammed conditions like kidney stones and may irritate sensitive skin.

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