Jasmine Essential Oil

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The key word for Jasmine is softness.  On the emotional level it stimulates self-caring and love.  One starts looking after oneself more and more and one becomes more affectionate.  It is also used for the following emotions or feelings: being greedy, uncaring for oneself or others; doing things for the benefits of oneself without regard for others, saying “ me, me, me” all the time.

Jasmine also brings out the feminine aspect in oneself.  It is regarded as the oil that helps bring order into chaos.  Just by breathing in the beautiful scent of this enchanting flower is soothing to the nerves and relaxing to the body.  Its powerful fragrance chases the blues away by uplifting the spirit.  Its practical use in meditation is the fact that it promotes the ability to feel and focus on the present moment without being worried about tomorrow.  It can be applied neat on the wrist.

Jasmine also helps to promote self-esteem and confidence in someone who is too preoccupied with their own self and so has difficulty relating to others.  This oil is indicated to relieve obsessive tendencies in addictive personality types.  Recent research has stated that it can be used for pain, as it stimulates the release of uplifting encephalins by the thalamus in the brain.  Some diseased states can get us mired in self-pity and self-centeredness and pain itself can be so unrelenting, that this oil assists us in letting go of these states and allows us to surrender to the meditation process.  This is a great blessing of temporary freedom and release.

Jasmine is also as reputable for its sweet fragrance as rose oil, and was considered a spiritual flower for the ancient Persians. It is greatly used in China for its aroma, which is used to flavour tea.  Jasmine in medical aromatherapy is used as a skin emollient, softening the skin and gives hard, dry and callous area a smooth and flexible texture.  It is also used to soften lumps, for pelvic congestion, ovarian cysts or any hardened tissues.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Do not use this oil during pregnancy.

By Desiree Latour
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