Nutmeg Essential Oil

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Mostly the spice oils generate feelings of euphoria.  And nutmeg, like all those in this category, can make one feel high, as if floating on a cloud.  They have been used as a drug substitute. Nutmeg is a mild mood elevator.

This essential oil also makes one aware of heavenly realms or other dimensions of reality.  Nutmeg also allows one to space out in order to take time out and renew oneself.  This can provide the required distance from dramas and traumas to help us keep an objective and balanced perspective.

In high doses it may be hallucinogenic, but in very small, nearly homeopathic, dose it is a mild nerve calmative while stimulating the brain to feel alert, the perfect combination for meditation.  This oil is toxic in high dose and should be used with care, caution and moderation.  In the Ayurvedic and naturopathic traditions, it is effectively used for digestive problems.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Nutmeg is not indicated for pregnant women, babies and children.

By Desiree Latour

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