Transitioning with Cypress

 In Essential Oils

Cypress is usually planted in graveyards and symbolizes the ultimate transition.  It brings comfort and solace in such times of loss.  It helps one through the grief process, providing understanding when confronted with sorrow and suffering.  Parting from loved ones is never an easy task, yet death is part of life cycles.  Indeed change is inevitable and Cypress is the oil which helps us deal with those different cycles.  It soothes the soul during its’ times of mourning and parting.  Inhaling the earthy scent of Cypress allows us to tap into our deeper spiritual reserves of strength and comfort to cope with the ending of relationships and the loss of loved ones.

Times of transition

It has also been used for rituals for different phases and transition times like puberty, childbirth and menopause.  It would be an important oil for holistic celebrants in their rites of passage or sacred ceremonies.  Indeed this oil facilitates change of every kind and is indicated when faced with the inability to change.  It helps one become more flexible as one feels more able to change what’s going on and implement new outlook and behaviors.  It also enables us to verbalize our emotions and move on from rigid old patterns and habits.

A perfect essential oil for an Aromatherapy Massage

Clinical aromatherapists use cypress as a circulatory stimulant.  It is useful in balancing excessive fluid content and is helpful against oedema.  It increases muscle tone to hold blood vessels in place and is therefore indicated for varicose veins.  It is also used for any condition to be tightened up like prolapsed uterus after childbirth, sagging muscle tissues and hanging breasts.  It is as well a rejuvenating oil on the face, against sagging skin and excessive oiliness.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: It is contra-indicated in pregnancy.

 Desiree Latour
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