Holistic Pulsing is a very profound, yet soothing, form of body work that incorporates all aspects of the self (mind, body, emotion, spirit) into a healing process to bring about subtle life transformation. It is a very gentle form of energy therapy, and relies on a two-way process by which energetic exchanges are made from practitioner to client, and vice versa, to promote holistic healing on all levels.

Holistic Pulsing  uses gentles rhythmic movements that ripple throughout the body system, energetically placing you back into a womb-like condition where you are able to release past traumas in a safe environment, guided by a skilled practitioner. Because this therapy works on the premise that the body is mostly made of water, by sending ripples via a specific rhythmic pattern, these ripples are able to travel throughout the system, removing energetic blockages and restoring balance.

60 minutes – $120

This treatment is recommended for:

– those seeking to a deeper relaxation, and relief from stress and tension.

– those needing to treat energetic blockages in the body.

– those wanting to boost their immune system.

– those needing a holistic detoxification.

– those suffering from traumatic emotional events, especially in relation to mothers, motherhood and/or rejection.

– those unable to release emotions stemming from trauma, abuse or misinterpretations.

– those wanting to unify the mind and body connection.

– those interested in self-discovery.

– those seeking an overall holistic healing experience.

– pregnant clients wanting a relaxing way to bond on an energetic level with their baby.

Disclaimer: Oasis practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions.

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