Lymphatic Drainage is a light, whole body massage treatment that targets the lymphatic system directly beneath the skin. By using gentle massage techniques, such as pumping or rotary movements to encourage lymph flow in the body, this massage helps in the detoxification process of the body by aiding the lymph system to expel waste material.

It is advised that you drink plenty of water after your treatment to help flush out toxins, and avoid smoking, alcohol, processed foods and other inhibitors to the detoxification process.

60 minutes – $90 / 90 minutes – $120


This massage is recommended for:

– those in need of a full body detoxification, or are engaging in a detox period.

– those with puffy, swollen tissues.

– those with a sluggish internal system.

– those in need of boosting their immune system.

– those with lymphedema.

– those wanting to treat their excessive cellulite.

– those with poor circulation throughout the body.

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