Reiki and Massage combo treatment is the ultimate treat for your body and spirit. This treatment combines an Aromatherapy Massage and a Reiki treatment in order to relieve tensions in the body and release emotional and energetic blockages. This experience of a depth of relaxation will leave you without words to describe the effects of this synergistic coupling of modalities.

Reiki is wonderful for very deep relaxation of the mind and ushering you deep within the center of your being. When adding focused Reiki time to a massage, Reiki empowers the effects of the massage, and additionally facilitates deeper and clearer communication between the numerous functions of our body, mind, and emotional energies. It helps to correct dysfunctional patterns within our biology, as well as our thought and emotional patterns.

During the session I will also use specific Essential Oils and acupressure points related to your specific energy and needs.

This treatment is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one in need of deep relaxation.

1 hour – $90/1.5 hour -$120


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