Bowen Therapy Gift Voucher (60 minutes)


A profound feeling of great release is experienced by the recipient after each Bowen Therapy treatment. A beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones.



Bowen therapy uses painless and non-invasive touch of the body’s soft tissue at very specific points in the body. It is pleasant and relaxing to receive. The use of a light series of moves, using thumbs and fingers stimulates specific receptors that enables the body to relax and correct dysfunctions to restore balance.

Focusing on treating the cause rather than the symptoms, Bowen therapy has consistently shown it can provide profound and lasting healing as well as pain relief. This relief is experienced by many people who come with a wide range of painful conditions, even when other types of treatments have resulted in little improvement.

If you are offering the voucher to someone, let us know your name and the name of the recipient.






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