Oasis Soul Readings are designed to provide our clients with an accurate and comprehensive reading to help the client understand the unseen elements of their particular question, as it relates to their hopes and fears. Soul readings are more than just answering a question, a good reading is about connecting with the client, uncovering the reason or intention behind their query, and then – by use of cards and other tools – uncovering elements that the client may not be aware of, but may be impacting negatively – or positively – in relation to the question at hand.

All our soul readings are performed by one reader, whom we have tried and tested personally – and we value our reader’s insight, integrity, professionalism and amazing accuracy. As such, we are proud too say we offer the best psychic readings in Brisbane!

30 minutes – $80 / 60 minutes – $150

This treatment is recommended for:

– those seeking a deeper understanding of their question and the issues that surround them.

– those wanting clarification on events, relationships and more.

– those needing an answer to questions about love, finance, relationships, family, education, career and more.

– those wanting a metaphysical/spiritual answer to their worldly concerns.

Disclaimer: Oasis practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions.

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