Sports Massage is carefully crafted for those with a sporty lifestyle, and takes into account a client’s physical condition and exercise routine. Using soft tissue therapy to address ailments in the body, such as muscle recovery and repair, this massage is able to treat immediate and long-term conditions with support and expertise.

Our sports massage therapist Daniel is an experienced specialist, having traveled the world working with massage clinics and professional sports people including the Tour de France. He is a proficient martial artist and boxer, and accordingly has particular skill in massage for martial arts and boxing enthusiasts.

60 minutes – $90 / 90 minutes – $120

This massage is recommended for:

– those with an active sport/athletic life and lifestyle.

– those with sports-related soreness, stiffness, and injury.

 – those seeking more knowledge of how their body works in training, and what it needs to function at its peak.

 – those wanting a targeted massage to suit their athletic lifestyle needs.

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