What is the Mind-Body Connection?

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There is good evidence that every thought, feeling, mood and desire we experience is accompanied by an instantaneous change in the brain’s chemical messengers, and these messengers travel throughout every cell of the body.If, for example, the mind is dogged by negative emotions concerning a relationship with a partner, then the body will react by reducing its production of “happy, healthy” chemicals (endorphins) and increasing the production of anxiety chemicals (cortisol).

As the negative chemicals build up in the body’s systems, the immune system will react by over-reacting and cause an immune-based physical symptom such as an allergy.

The mind will then be dogged with a general feeling of ill-health which will perpetuate the cycle.

If, however, the mind is feeling positive emotions concerning the relationship, all physiological systems will be healthy, plenty of endorphins will be released, the immune system will be healthy and hence a general feeling of good health will perpetuate the cycle.

In conclusion, everything we think and feel is translated from the emotional into the physical, and can make the difference between good health and ill health. The person should be seen as a whole – mind, body and emotions.

If you want to understand more about the Mind Body connection, have a look at this very resourceful presentation.

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