Overcome Grief and Sadness with Mandarin Essential Oil

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Like the other oils in this category, the citrus family, Mandarin evokes a sensation of freshness and clarity.  Indeed these oils have cleansing properties, both mental and emotional cleansing.  Mandarin stimulates the lungs to breathe and work better. It frees and opens the lungs and stimulates blood and energy flow through them and the rest of the body.  In traditional Chinese medicine the lungs are associated with sadness.

Sadness and grief

But more specifically, Mandarin is related to the emotion of grief.  When not expressed properly these feelings of grief get suppressed and locked inside, causing a big leak in the energy system.  Holding on to grief can cause a pattern of rejection of closeness.  The person can then be unable to form deep, intimate relationships. They may therefore compensate mentally and are so busy in other spheres that the emotional nature can become atrophied.  The grief pattern also manifests as an ultra-sensitivity to the environment.  There is a sense of being open to and feeling others’ feelings.  Emotions are perceived as a threat; close emotional relationships become intolerable, making people withdraw and become critical and abusive in such situations.

Letting go of the traumas 

This is where Mandarin can help people who are willing to change, to resolve their grief pattern and let go of the sadness.   Mandarin allows grief to come out and be expressed gradually.  It softens emotions and allow buried feelings of loss and sorrow to be experienced consciously again, so one can come to terms with them and be more free to live in the now.

Most essential oils, but especially Mandarin stimulates vivid dreaming, therefore helping the processing of past traumatic patterns.  1 drop on throat or wrist is used in emergencies.  It should always be diluted as it can cause skin irritation neat. This fresh and pleasant aroma makes it one of the favourite citrus oil.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Like all citrus oils, take care before exposure to the sun, UV light or sun beds.

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