Rose Essential Oil: women’s ally

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Rose oil is one of the essentials for emotional problems.  It is mainly used for people experiencing conflicting and confused emotions.  It allows one to become aware of the different emotions, bringing out the dominant one.  These can then be experienced separately, expressed and released in an appropriate manner, instead of a chaotic and confused way.  It is therefore indicated in love/hate relationships to allow a more balanced expression of one’s feelings.

It helps balance and softens the emotional nature.  It can be used in the air to harmonize a household where emotions have been stirred up, e.g.: tempers, anger, crying and frustrations.  This is because rose calms the emotions and balances the nerve impulses.

Since time immemorial and in various cultures the rose has been a symbol of love.  The aroma of roses or rose oil when inhaled evokes feelings of peace and happiness, which are an expression of love.  This scent allows people to touch the sense of inner beauty, therefore alleviates feeling of anxiety about their appearance.  Rose oil also helps alleviate performance anxiety before exams, interviews or public appearances stimulating what the bible expresses as

 “ In quietness and in confidence shall be thy strength.”
Rose is especially a good oil for women, especially because of its ability to regulate the hormones.  For the emotional disarray caused by menstrual problems and menopausal syndrome, rose works to balance hormonal patterns caused by fluctuating hormonal levels.  This works best over time, i.e., 6 months.   1 drop to 100ml of base carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, or similar is used, but for severe menstrual disturbances 5% is best.  The concentration depends on use.

Secondly its application in beauty therapy is well established.  Both rose oil and rose water are effective for skin care.  They are good skin tonics, helping to both soften and strengthen the skin.  It is used to treat flushed, red nose and spider marks and hard calluses. It improves the elasticity and microcirculation in the skin, therefore slows down the ageing process.  It improves skin colour and texture and is both a preventative and treatment for the skin for premature ageing and dehydration from the sun.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Rose is contra-indicated for weak heart and high blood pressure

By Desiree Latour
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