Standing on Solid Ground by Eleni Seitis

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” Stand by me, stand in your power, standing on solid ground, standing on your own two feet, standing firm, taking a stand, having a firm grip on the earth, being stuck, dragging your feet, tip-toeing around, standing upright, standing for something, remain motionless, remain standing, get up, get to your feet, be upstanding, upstanding citizen, stand-up, legless, sea-legs, jelly-legs, break a leg, not having a leg to stand on, on your last legs, take the weight off one’s legs”.

All these idioms show how powerful are the words we use to describe certain states of being. Perhaps you have used these terms in your everyday speech to explain how you feel. Metaphysically, the feet and legs connect you with planet earth, they ground you, they move you around, they allow you to walk, run, jump, hop, dance, play sports, and many other activities. When you have restriction in your feet and legs, it can feel like your whole world stops still, comes to a halt or drags on endlessly. How do these limitations come about?

The root chakra energy system

The lower portion of your body is part of the first chakra energy system. This energy system focusses on traditional familial beliefs that support the formation of our identity, and the sense of belonging to a group of people in a geographical location. It is our heritage, our culture, our country, our family. It is what grounds us. It is our connection to the earth. It is the foundation of emotional and mental health; emotional and psychological stability originate in the family unit and early social environments, such as school. Hence, if we get separated from our family, our tribe, we develop the sense of abandonment. Within our tribe, we are taught that the world is either safe or dangerous, abundant or scarce, educated or ignorant, a place to take from or a place to give to. This chakra also creates within us the need for structure, order, unity and logic.

It is a powerful feeling to be part of a group of people or a family with whom you feel spiritually, emotionally, and physically comfortable and connected to. At the same time, we have the desire to explore our own creative abilities, to develop our own individual power and authority. When these two ideals clash, we feel it in our first chakra area which includes our feet and legs.

We want to stand on our own two feet, yet desire the support of those close to us, our family, our tribe. Our family can support our efforts to explore new horizons, like a parent supports a baby’s first steps, or they can cripple our new sense of independent power. A baby will keep applying themselves to mastering the art of walking, then running. Nothing much stops them from this course. We too can be like this and not let anything stand in our way of planting ourselves firmly in the direction we want to go. Be loving and considerate of those challenging you, as they often do have your best interests at heart and want to see you succeed. However, they may be wanting you to live your life according to their standards, to their beliefs. Stand up for your own beliefs and remain steadfast in them.

Remember the thoughts you have, and the words you speak create emotions within your body. These emotions cause chemical or hormonal changes in our bodies that create pain, discomfort or joy.
(This next section is an excerpt from You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay.)

Your body is always talking to you; are you listening?

Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.

Our legs carry us forward in life. Leg problems often indicate a fear of moving forward or a reluctance to move forward in a certain direction. Not wanting to do things will often produce minor leg issues. Varicose veins represent standing in a job or place that we hate. The veins lose their ability to carry joy throughout our body and life. Are you going in the direction you want to go?

Knees have to do with flexibility; they express bending and pride, ego and stubbornness. Often when moving forward, we are fearful of bending, and we become inflexible. This stiffens the joints. We want to move forward, but we do not want to change our ways. This is why knees take so long to heal; our ego, pride and self-righteousness are involved.

The next time you have a knee problem, ask yourself where you are being self-righteous, where you are refusing to bend. Drop the stubbornness and let go. Life is flow, life is movement; and to be comfortable, we must be flexible and move with it. A willow tree bends and sways and flows with the wind and is always graceful and at ease with life.

Our feet have to do with our understanding; of ourselves and of life – past, present and future.
Many old people have a difficult time walking. Their understanding has been warped, and they often feel there is no place to go. Little children move on happy, dancing feet. Elderly people often shuffle as if they are reluctant to move.

Pain of any sort is an indication of guilt. Guilt always seeks punishment, and punishment comes from the pain we give ourselves. Chronic pain comes from chronic guilt, often so deeply buried that we are not even aware of it anymore.

Guilt is a totally useless emotion. It never makes anyone feel better, nor does it change a situation. Your “sentence” is now over, so let yourself out of prison. Forgiving is only giving up the attachment to the guilt and letting it go.

Stiffness in the body represents stiffness in the mind. Fear makes us cling to old ways, and we find it difficult to be flexible. If we believe there is “only one way” to do something, we often find ourselves becoming stiff. We can always find another way to do things that is just as good as the original, or perhaps better. You won’t know until you let go of the belief that your way is the best.

A Daily Affirmation
In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. I accept health as the natural state of my being. I now consciously release any mental patterns within me that could express as dis-ease in any way. I love and approve of myself. I love and approve of my body. I feed it nourishing foods and beverages. I exercise it in ways that are fun. I recognise my body as a wondrous and magnificent machine, and I feel privileged to live in it. I love having lots of energy. All is well in my world. 
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