Step into a tranquil Oasis
a peaceful place where
your body is renewed
your mind rebalanced
your spirit revitalised

Experienced therapists take the time to discover your healthcare needs and formulate a signature treatment that’s right for you

Your own private Oasis is only minutes away!

Are you craving balance?

Do you feel drained of energy?

Do you feel your body could work better?

Do you suffer from aches & pains or stiffness & tightness?

At Oasis Health Centres, Redcliffe, we offer our clients a great selection of natural therapy services and treatments, including bowen therapy, massage, soft tissue therapy, naturopathy, clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, and energetic healing.

Each treatment is specially crafted by fully qualified and experienced practitioners according to the client’s personal health and wellbeing needs, with extra care in ensuring the client is receiving only the very best in treatment, advice and products.

Thank you for choosing Oasis – the Oasis team looks forward to demonstrating why our centre offers the highest level of service, care and professionalism in natural therapies.

OASIS offers an amazing range of intuitive and energetic healing treatments ~ working with the body, our experienced therapists are able to read your holistic condition, and a state of healing and harmony to the body, mind and spirit!


Massage uses the therapeutic power of touch to help the body heal, restore, and re-balance itself.

Spiritual Healing

Chakra clearing & balancing, intuitive & energetic healing, Tibetan singing bowl, and soul readings

Bowen Therapy

Manipulating the fascia through specific release and integration techniques to stimulate soft tissue.

Crystal Harmony Treatment

A gentle and non-invasive method of balancing the human energy field.


Treatment and rehabilitation techniques to treat neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Corporate Massage

Relaxation massage at your workplace, business events or outings.

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About Us

At Oasis we take pride in ensuring all our natural health practitioners are fully qualified and have had significant clinical experience in their chosen fields. We do this because we believe in providing our clients with the very best in professional care, support and advice. If you would prefer to see a specific practitioner, please contact Oasis and we will be able to accommodate your request. All the practitioners are at our Redcliffe location.

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Eleni is amazing with massage and other therapies she uses, I have a torticollis neck and Eleni is the only therapist who truly understands the pain I have with it, which I truly appreciate, thank you Eleni.
Margaret B.
I came to Eleni with aches and pains and feeling not quite right. After my Bowen therapy session I left feeling so relaxed I struggled to get my fingers to work to use the Eftpos machine. Eleni was also the first to diagnose my gluten allergy which had been a mystery for so long. I would highly recommend giving it a try.
Kylie M.
Well needless to say , I cannot speak highly enough of Eleni as a person and a therapist. Each time I have had an injury with my knees or back or have simply felt out of line, I have been blessed with magical results. Your exceptional intuition is an incredible adjunct to the healing process and for that matter just being in your company has a healing benefit of its own. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Marie A.
Oasis Health Centres