Eleni is amazing with massage and other therapies she uses, I have a torticollis neck and Eleni is the only therapist who truly understands the pain I have with it, which I truly appreciate, thank you Eleni.

Margaret B.

 I have been massaged by Gaelle on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients feel 100% comfortable and relaxed. Her massages are phenomenal and I recommend them to anyone I know who is in need of some pampering, has sore muscles, is interested in aromatherapy or reiki and pretty much to every person I know. Every time I leave one of her sessions I feel deeply relaxed and feel like I am able to understand my chakras and my body’s energy much clearer. Thankyou so much Gaelle for your amazing service!

Sarah S.

Imagine…Relaxation music playing, essential oils being applied to your skin and your mind drifting off into a peaceful state, awakening  refreshed from your Reiki treatment. This was my experience. I also valued Gaelle’s calm and professional approach.

Lyndall J.

“walking on air” is exactly how I felt after Gaelle’s massage. A feeling of peace and well being as she massages you. You can feel the stress peel away as her expert hands massage you. Gaelle also gave me a Reiki treatment. I often had heard about Reiki but never had the chance to try. I was absolutely amazed by the sensations and how wonderful the body feels after a session. I’am definitely going back as Gaelle as shown me how to relieve the stress I felt.

Valerie S.

Gaelle is very caring. It was my first time receiving a Reiki Treatment, I felt so refresh, relax and peaceful after the treatment. Thank you again!

Caroline S.

I came to Eleni with aches and pains and feeling not quite right. After my Bowen therapy session I left feeling so relaxed I struggled to get my fingers to work to use the Eftpos machine. Eleni was also the first to diagnose my gluten allergy which had been a mystery for so long. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Kylie M.

Well needless to say , I cannot speak highly enough of Eleni as a person and a therapist. Each time I have had an injury with my knees or back or have simply felt out of line, I have been blessed with magical results. Your exceptional intuition is an incredible adjunct to the healing process and for that matter just being in your company has a healing benefit of its own. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Marie A.

My only testimonial is that I have found you the best with your intuitive healing and I learnt with many , so feel you are one of the best for me.  Your new place is in a very pleasant area and has easy access.

Pearl C.

I can not thank Eleni enough for making me feel ‘me’ again. After receiving a combination of Intuitive and Bowen therapy I feel a sense of calm and happiness. It’s as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m able to appreciate my life once again. I am so very grateful to have been recommended Eleni from a friend, I would be totally lost without her. My sincere thanks.


After traveling several long trips consecutively, my body was swollen and ached. Eleni performed 3 lymphatic drainage massages with wonderful results. I am a massage therapist myself, and have received therapy from dozens of colleagues, and I must say that she is one of the best therapists I have encountered. Her techniques, her professional, yet caring treatment and her healing hands are highly recommended. Thank you Eleni

Hilda M. 

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