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Neroli has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system.  It makes one become positive and can therefore help counteract depression.  Neroli can also be used to treat people who cannot make up their own mind.  When there is a conflict between the conscious mind saying yes, but the subconscious mind is not in agreement.  This can show up in a difference between people’s body language and their words.

As Neroli promotes ease and calm, it can help people become more aware of their inner forces, understand and resolve their conflicting states of mind.  The best point for this effect is one drop on the chin or centre of the wrist.

Neroli’s effect on the respiratory system makes it an important oil for spiritual practices.  It is the perfect oil to create a meditative state as it promotes deep, slow breathing.  This can gently lead one into a calm mood, a feeling of inner receptivity.  This makes Neroli an excellent oil to prepare oneself for meditative exercises.

The way it affects the breathing pattern makes Neroli a useful oil for people with agitated states of mind, confusion and depression through discontent.  5 drops per 100 ml can be used as an anti-depressant.  This can bring about a more positive outlook and a more relaxed and joyful response to events.  It stimulates one to be more content with oneself and what one is doing in life.

It helps one break away from unsatisfactory relationships or work harder at more beneficial ones.  A sniff of this luxurious scent will lift the spirits and using Neroli regularly may create feelings of euphoria.  It is the oil for self-purification, clearing away negativity within one’s psyche.

Like most citrus oils, Neroli has application in a regular skin care routine, because these oils are cleansers.  They help promote the right balance of oils and water in the skin.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Like all citrus oils Neroli should not be used prior to going out in the sun or used with UV light and sunbeds.

By Desiree Latour
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