Biofeedback Gift Voucher (60 minutes)


Biofeedback is a holistic therapy that offers deep insight into your biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual nature with amazing accuracy. It remains a highly sought after therapy for those wanting a thorough understanding of their holistic health and seeking a wellness plan for total mind/body integration and healing.



Your therapist will first enter your information into the biofeedback device. This is usually a pleasant pre-treatment consultation, and takes no more than 15 minutes.

After some preliminary relaxation exercises, you are then connected to electronic sensors that will help you receive information (feedback) about your body (bio). This feedback helps your therapist to identify key areas of your body, mind and spirit that need to be strengthened and/or healed. This may include relationship trauma, residual emotional issues, mineral deficiency, or even cellular dehydration.

Oftentimes the feedback process will highlight quite a few areas that need strengthening and healing, however your therapist will choose key areas to focus on in your first session (other areas will be addressed in follow-up sessions). Here, your therapist will guide you through some processes to help you re-balance, and will use the biofeedback device to begin the healing process on an energetic (frequency) level, which assists in the strengthening and healing process by means of subtle vibration healing – this is highly effective on a cellular, emotional and auric level.

If you are offering the voucher to someone, let us know your name and the name of the recipient.



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