Calming Chamomille

 In Essential Oils

Chamomile oil is a sedative and nerve strengthener.  It is therefore indicated in times of stress for everyone, from executive stress to housewife stress.  When we are under pressure the living energy is restricted: this lack of circulation of vital force/chi/Prana makes the system more contracted.  This Essential Oil is the antidote and remedy to relieve such tightness.  Chamomile promotes deep relaxation on all levels and helps the whole system to recover from the debilitating effects of tension.  Reducing tension and stress, results in increased vitality, optimism and our ability to look at problems more objectively.  This leads one to cope more creatively with the difficulties of life.

This oil is good for total disbelievers, relaxing the critical conscious mind and the intellectual worship of logic.  It produces a mild hypnotic effect and allows impressions to penetrate more freely in the subconscious mind.  When used at night, Chamomile is the oil par excellence to soothe the nervous system of stressed persons and induce restful sleep.

For meditation practice calming nervous excitement or exhaustion promotes strength and stability.  In this settled state the mind can focus and perceive its true nature.  Medical aromatherapy has revealed that this oil, as well as lavender, triggers the raphe nucleus to secrete the neuro-chemical serotonin, a natural sedative that is excellent for stress-related anxiety, aggression, hypertension and insomnia.
It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is used as such for all body systems.  It is beneficial for migraine, headaches, and eczema.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: This oil should not be used if you are suffering from low blood pressure.

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