Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Sandalwood oil is considered as sacred in the east and has been one of the most favoured in meditative circles and traditions.  It is the meditation oil par excellence because it helps us focus within and become centered.  If applied prior to the meditation session it promotes a serene and reflective mood.

It stimulates your own feeling of personal space by sealing the aura and protecting from outside negativity.  It increases awareness of our surrounding environment, but makes us feel unaffected and detached.  Therefore it should not be overused as it can cause withdrawal and extreme detachment from reality.

When used in a group or meditative circle it seals the group energy to act as one.  Sandalwood oil affects our mental, emotional and spiritual nature.  As it helps us focus in our own mind and inner centre, it makes us more self-determined.  We can thus be less easily influenced by others and make our own decisions.

It is an oil to be used for our quiet times and only when necessary. It can be applied neat to the eyebrow centre or the wrists.

Sandalwood is greatly used in skin preparations. It helps with acne and is good for dry, sensitive skin.

By Desiree Latour
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