Grounding Cedarwood

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Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood is a very grounding, physical Essential Oil and it tends to catalyze a feeling of inner strength and harmony.  It increases kidney Yang because of its warming masculine nature.  It stimulates inner confidence and capacity to do things.  It affects the Pericardium, representing contentment and the ability to be satisfied.  It also relates to the initiating and pioneering energy.

Where there is fear, it gives inner strength to persevere and overcome lack of confidence.  Before an interview, it helps you feel relaxed and confident, not worried about the outcome.  It allows us to deal with hesitancy, fear of heights and irrational phobias.

People become quieter and more productive when using this oil; the men who are domineering, pushy leaders (lack of confidence, in themselves), soften and become gentler.  Yet aggressive women become feminine.  As Carl Jung explains there are the two polarity principles, of masculine and feminine forces within us; he’s called these anima and animus.  Cedarwood restores the right balance and we can then use both types of energies as required. It makes us become more flexible and in touch with this inner sense of duality.  For those who lack self-approval and self- appreciation, it helps build up their inner strength.

Because it works on fear, it calms down and strengthens the nervous system.  It is indicated for over-active nervous system, like tension, anxiety, nervous twitching and shaking.  It can be placed neat on the wrist, ankle and ear as a perfume.  Inhaling this strong, woody smell makes us feel calm and poised, generating a feeling of warmth.  This prepares us to settle quietly and face the inner world.

Medical aromatherapy recommends it for colds, catarrh and sinus problems. It is indicated also for eczema, acne and dandruff.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: It is contra-indicated in pregnancy.

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